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# Agreement

All jobs are charged in fixed rate quotes (INCLUDES tolls, fuel levy, call out fees) PRICED by the description and the details you provide to us prior of the move, in case (any misleading information has not been discussed prior to the move and we have to do a service or move additional items that is not mentioned in advance), extra charges will apply depends on type of move.

Communication and being accurate is a key for fixed rate quotes.


All Quotes will be priced without GST (GST EXC).

# Charges and Payments

Can be made in cash, we accept all type of payments.
Visa, debit, credit card, American express, google pay, apple pay.

surcharges of 2% will apply on all payments no cheques accepted.

# Booking fees

$29.00 booking deposit applies to confirm your booking, non-refundable in the event you need to cancel your move, deductable from the quoted amount when you pay upon job completion

# The term VAN ON THE MOVE

VAN ON THE MOVE or us or we refer to the owner of the website who is registered and fully owned by PROREMOVAL PTY LTD /ABN 14627149651 Trading as Van on the Move

# Dangerous Goods in transit

Van on the move will not carry filled gas bottles / paint/ flammable/ explosive or chemicals items during transit.

# Insurance /damage.

We hold public liability insurance up to 10 million with payable 500$ excess,
Transit in case of accidents and worker compensation.
However, accident sometimes happen at no one s fault, we do encourage you to take your own additional comprehensive insurance cover if you have valuable items exceed 1000$.

Also you must notify us if any of your heavy items, are not in good working conditions, or have previous scratches or old damage.

we can take care of the entire moving process, any damaged items are caused during your assistance (handling) we are not liable for any damage.

Day of the move

Must ensure that you or authorised person on your behalf to be at pickup and drop off locations to gain access to your premises any caused delay will apply extra charges.

Before the move

Ensure Parking / loading access& permits / height restrictions at minimum of 2.6m / arrange lift access and protection for sides and mirrors, space for us to move in and out without any interruption in our way such as boxes , cloth , shoes , kids and pets . All must be organised in prior to your move. Delay caused will apply extra charges.

It is your responsibility to pack and package all your items in proper boxes / disassemble bed or any other items prior to our arrival unless you asked us to provide the service for you.

All items that such as money, jewellery, important documents are your responsibility to carry.

After the move

Any damage of items must be discussed immediatly after completion of the job, unless advised we will not be responsible or liable, and liability will only be accepted if it shall be proven the negligent manner upon job completion.